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You have to know how m uch I miss doing photos for all of you! We just finished our move, we lost our beloved Beesty Boy, and I broke my ankle. YAY!, what a year so far. Good news is that I am recovering well from all of it, our house is just AWESOME, and I am just about ready to pull on my boots and slide gracefully into my leather, and get back in front of the camera! Not to worry, Nick and I have been coming up with so many shoot ideas we can do shoots into next year and beyond. Vegas has to cool off a bit, but by the time it does, I’ll be ready to do plenty of walking videos on the strip and some of your much loved public photos.
For now, enjoy a gallery of B&W prints that Nick has reworked to keep you busy.

Author: Nick Moody
Aperture: 2
Camera: QV-3000EX
Orientation: 1
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