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I am a professional Dominatrix located in sunny Las Vegas, NV. With over 20 years experience in the BDSM lifestyle and fetish scene, I have gained a great amount of knowledge and creativity that will guarantee a one of a kind experience. I enjoy many forms of play such as whipping, caning, sensual play, verbal humiliation, boot , shoe and foot worship, domestic servitude, sissy play, CBT, denial play, trampling, electro play and cigarette torture.

I also do custom video and photo shoots as well. In the very near future, as is being driven by the new virus, I will be doing custom one on one live video sessions. I also offer one on one spousal training for the wives out there wanting to learn to handle their partner in a Female Dominant Relationship.

Among all of this, I also have my own line of custom floggers, shoes, boots and have just started designing and manufacturing restraints. All of this based on my own experience. In other words, I will only sell something that I have tested and proven to be safe and aesthetically pleasing. I hope to be able to inspire other Dominant females and male submissives through my art, writing and stories.

Just so we are very clear here, there will never be a chance of having sex with me! Yes, what I do is considered sensual, but at no time will you have intercourse, oral sex, or otherwise with me. I do have hard limits, and pushing any of those will end in immediate termination of any relationship, session, chat, etc. Those limits are (but not all limited to), adult babies, diaper play, scat, vomit, genital mutilation, gun play, oral sex, permanent damage to any part of the body, and cutting.

On a personal note, I am happily married! I will be 55 this year and plan on rocking on for many years to come. I also do cat rescues and have 8 of my own rescue babies that are quite happy to share their very large house with me. You may see some of them in the occasional video or photo.