Contract Of Servitude

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This is a sample of My Contract For Servitude. This mainly involves real time sessions, and Domestic Servitude. It is (C) Lady Sultry, but may be shared by another Dominant Woman as She sees fit.

This contract is being entered into by __________ and Lady Sultry for the sole purpose of establishing guidelines for our Female Dominant/submissive session.

 By entering into this contract, the submissive understands and agrees to:

  • This is not a “sex for hire” arrangement. This is a BDSM session and no sexual contact is allowed.
  • The submissive will provide tribute to the Dominant for her time and play space.
  • During the play session, the submissive may be fully clothed or nude at the discretion of the Dominant.
  • There will be a body guard present in the area at all times, but will at no time be part of the session.
  • That there will be no filming or photos allowed without a separate medial release signed by the Dominant and the submissive.
  • That at any time during the session, should the submissive make a request of the Dominant that is outside of her limits, sexually suggestive, or suggests compromise of the law, the session will end immediately, the submissive will be asked to leave and will be forever blacklisted against future sessions. This includes full forfeiture of any tribute offered to the Dominant before the session.
  • The submissive will NEVER touch the Dominant without permission, and once the session has started will never make eye contact with her unless directed to do so.
  • That although the Dominant may dress seductively, at no time will her vagina be visible to the submissive.
  • By signature, the submissive agrees to hold harmless the Dominant for any injury or illness, during or after the play session.
  • The submissive agrees that he will not discuss nor relate any details of the session, including location and/or content, in person or via social media outlets without the express consent of the Dominant.


Dominant: The Dominant shall be referred to as Lady Sultry or Mistress and shall be the controlling party at all times.

Submissive: The submissive shall be referred to as “______” and shall be subject to the wishes, orders and commands of the Dominant.

Tribute: The method of which the submissive will show their appreciation to the Dominant for her time spent with them.

Safe, Sane, and Consesual: The premise that all BDSM play is founded upon. This is the premise that all play will leave no permanent damage to involved participants, that all participants are of sound mind and body, and that all parties have reviewed the planned activities and fully consent their roles in the session.

Responsibilities of the Dominant:

  • To protect, defend, and see to the general welfare of the submissive during the session.
  • To provide a safe, healthy, and welcoming place space.
  • To review, with the submissive, the limits and expectations of the submissive during the session.
  • To review, with the submissive, any special needs, allergies, or medical conditions.

Responsibilities of the submissive:

  • The submissive shall honor and obey the wishes, orders and commands of the Dominant at all times to the best of his ability.
  • The submissive shall, without complaint, complete all tasks assigned, no matter how menial they may seem. This will include housekeeping, laundry, lawn care, errands, shopping assistance, etc.


  • The Dominant may impose any disciplinary action upon the submissive as the Dominant sees fit within the guidelines of the submissive’s limits.
  • The submissive will submit to and complete any discipline imposed upon him to the best of his ability without complaint.

Limits of the submissive:

  • The submissive may, at any time during play, use a pre-agreed upon safe word which will immediately halt any play activities.
  • The Dominant shall not ignore any safeword used by the submissive at any time.
  • The Dominant shall not intentionally cause the submissive to bleed.
  • The Dominant shall not force the submissive to engage in any form of play that involves the use of animal or human feces.
  • The Dominant shall not attempt to force the submissive to engage in sexual activity with any animal.
  • The Dominant shall not force the submissive to engage in any activity that might result in his arrest or subsequent incarceration.
  • Additional limits:

Additional limits of the submissive must be detailed in writing here by the submissive:



Types of Play Expected During The Session:

  • Verbal humiliation
  • Basic Sensory Deprivation
  • Mind Games
  • Forced Chastity
  • Hot Wax play
  • Electro-shock play
  • Flogging, whipping, paddling
  • Face slapping
  • Caning
  • Fantasy & Role play
  • Boot and foot worship
  • Trampling/Crushing
  • Ball gags/bits
  • Interrogation
  • Mild breath play
  • (See list & Limits above)

Prohibited Play (limits of the Dominant)

  • Sexual contact of any kind. (anal/oral/etc)
  • Adult Infant
  • Scat play
  • Urine play
  • Blood play
  • Forced vomiting
  • Diapers
  • Cuckold
  • Pegging/Strapon play
  • Voyeuristic play (You will not watch the Dominant have sex)
  • Needle/scalpel play
  • Any act that will leave the submissive with permanent injury