How To Email a Mistress

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By Elizabeth Anna Wright

In any civilized society where humans interact with one another, common
courtesy and social graces are expected. This is true as well whenever you
communicate with a FemDom, by email, phone, or in person.

I will elaborate here on what I expect as a FemDom when using cyberspace
as a communication tool.

In a great deal of cases, your first interaction with a FemDom will be via
This is the first impression you will make. How you are perceived, the type of
human being you are, and your credibility will be judged by how you
communicate online. So it serves you well to remember that perception is the
only reality online.


Always start your email with a greeting. This can be a general greeting if you
are writing to a group, or it could be whichever form of address the FemDom
chooses, such as Mistress X, Lady Y, or Madam Z. Avoid flippant greetings.
Do not assume that it is acceptable to use terms of endearment. To not begin
your communication with a salutation gives the impression that your time is
too valuable to spend in simple formalities and implies a lack of consideration
to others.

E-mail Body

Do not type in ALL CAPS. This is considered screaming online, and viewed
as being inconsiderate to the person receiving that email.

If the FemDom you are writing to has a website, spend a reasonable amount
of time there to learn about her. As you can imagine, it is irritating to ask
questions that she already answered.

Type in complete sentences. Abbreviations and random phrases make you
sound either flippant and disrespectful or uneducated at best.

When replying to an e-mail, edit out unnecessary Information from the post
you are responding to. Editing your email is accomplished by deleting
Information from the previous mail that is not necessary to continuing the
conversation. At the very least edit out email headers and signature files.

Always take the time to review your email before sending. Run a spell check
and use appropriate punctuation and grammar. If you are still unsure how to
spell a word, consult a dictionary. A FemDom expects attention to detail, poor
spelling is not.


Always sign your correspondence. Even though your e-mail address shows
you as the “sender”, it is not a substitution to your name at the end of the
correspondence. This is particularly true on discussion groups.

You may simply close with your name, however, it is much more graceful to
use any of these forms: “sincerely,” “Yours respectfully,” “Cordially yours,”
“Best Regards”, “submissively”.

If you are already known to the FemDom then sign however she instructs you”
Your obedient servant”, “Your submissive”, “Your slave”.

If you are not in service to a FemDom do not use terms such as “Your
submissive” or “Your slave”, these are very serious claims and unless you
belong to Her, do not make such an assumption.