Pay Tribute

One of the most essential parts of showing your dedication to a Mistress is offering tribute. Tributes are given freely without coercion or guilt. Tribute; however, is required for in person sessions, online sessions, and continued online relationships with the Mistress. In some cases the Mistress may terminate all contact with the submissive until a tribute has been given. Tribute is not something begged for or requested. The relationship is simple. You offer tribute, or we have nothing additional to discuss.

That being said, a word of caution must be given. In our world today, unfortunately, there are a lot of scams and fake Mistresses. Please do you homework. before we go on to discuss tribute to me, let’s hit a few warning signs.

  • If a Mistress contacts you online, unsolicited, this is the #1 warning sign of a scam. No real Mistress goes out hunting for submissives.
  • If a Mistress requests you banking information on the first contact, it is guaranteed to be a scam. That is not how we work.
  • If a Mistress asks for Amazon gift cards right off, big chance it is a scam.
  • If the Mistress does not have a verifiable online presence, chances are it’s a scam.
  • If the Mistress leads in with “needs a sugar daddy”, it’s a guaranteed scam!

Now, on to our relationship! I have been a Dominatrix for over 20 years. I have a verifiable, well known presence on the internet. So much so that the name Lady Sultry has been copied once or twice, even by a well known escort (prostitute) in Dallas Texas. I am a professional that practices and enhances my skill set daily. I am not an “online only” Dominatrix. This is who I am. I look forward to helping you explore your fetishes and fantasies in a safe and healthy manner.

What Do I expect:

Tribute types can range from cash, PayPal payments, money orders, cashier’s checks,  weekly installments, purchases from Amazon wishlists, camera gear, cars, boats, travel, jewelry, shoes, boots, corsets, toys, stocks, bonds, and I’ll even accept a private island if you have one.

I also accept certain forms of domestic servitude as tribute. (lawn care, housekeeping, shopping assistance, etc) We can discuss your method of tribute during your application interview process.

My PayPal is:

My Amazon Wishlist is here Spoil me!

My CashApp ID is: $Lsultry