Don’t you want to have your own dungeon at home?

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As I hope to inspire and guide more Women into the Female Lead Relationship lifestyle, helping them set up their home Dungeon is equally as rewarding. Of course, you can have the cake without the icing, but why! The Dungeon can be used for punishment or pleasure (sometimes both can be very erotic) For me, the Dungeon is my palace, my house of worship, my meditation space, and at times just where my kitties hang out.

Not every toy has to be out in the open, not every wall lined with whips and chains.

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Which room you want boils down to your preference but also what’s available. 

  • Is your available space large or small?
  • Does it need to be hidden or can it be out in the open?
  • Is it more for personal use or something professional?
  • Is it hidden enough from public eyes?
  • Do you need to worry about noise complaints?

Basements, garages, and attics are the most popular choices for atmosphere and freedom. Anything beyond that, you just need four walls, a floor, and a ceiling.

Climate control is also important. Make sure everyone in there is comfortable – not overheated or freezing. Mold can also be a problem if you can’t control the humidity.


Pink and red themed BDSM dungeon

Image via slutever

Red and black are the most popular, but you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to.

I’ve seen some beautiful spaces that used whites mixed with industrial accents. It looked like a kinky apple store, and it was gorgeous. Then there’s brick or fake stone for something akin to a wine cellar or actual dungeon.

Or why not something regal with rich purples, yellow, and blues? I also one that was bright, hot pink – like a Hello Kitty died on the walls.

Go with whatever you love!

If you’re not designed-minded, remember, choose one main color and one or two accent colors.

Lighting doesn’t need to be dark and menacing either. Try soft and romantic, harsh spotlights, or trippy disco balls if that’s what you want.  Anything goes.

My personal favorite is one general light as well as several spots lights – all on dimmers.


Extravigant themed dungeon, man in gimp mask, mistress on throne

Image via slutever

Most of us don’t have loads of cash to throw around, so we need to be selective about what we buy for our dungeons.

If you’re strapped for cash, consider ONE showpiece – like a frame bed, St. Andrew’s cross, spanking bench, throne, fucking machine, or sex swing.

It should be the most distinct item in your collection and your favorite thing. Your decorations and layout will center around this piece.

It should be the same concept if you have more money, but you’ll just be able to fill the space with more toys.


Any commercial play pieces that will bare considerable weight should be well made by a person or company who knows what they are going.

You don’t have to spend a fortune, but it pays not to go cheap on something – especially if you don’t want it falling apart while you’re in the middle of a session.


Don’t turn up your nose at DIY or repurposed furniture in lieu of commercial products.

Try converting a storage bench or coffee table into a spanking box by added eye bolt screws. You’ll be able to attach your restraints as well as store all your kinky things if company comes over (or you just want to keep things tidy).

Woodden chest of drawers

Find hidden gems in vintage stores, thrift store, yard sales, or auctions

simple chair can have endless possibilities. Massage tables as well.

Hit up some yard sales or auctions for nice things at affordable prices – mirrors, rugs, interesting pieces of furniture, dog cages etc.

Don’t fret about color, you can always repaint it.


Dark BDSM dungeon with bar poster bed

Begin by measuring large pieces and room dimensions. Because, even if you’re swimming in square footage, you need to PLAN where your things will go or if they’ll even fit.

  • Are things easy to clean around?
  • Are there enough strong points to attach things to?
  • Will you want to move things around a lot?
  • How many people will you have in there at one time?
  • Do you have plans to buy other large items?
  • If it’s a bed or other frame, can you (or do you need to) access it from all sides?

NOTE: Anything that’s going to bear the weight of a human body needs to be affixed to a STUD within the ceiling or walls. If you don’t know how to do this, go to a hardware store and ask an experienced employee how to do this.

I know it’s tempting to just watch a Youtube video, but you don’t want to mess around with safety. If you’re worried about blushing, don’t be. There are plenty of reasons to hang heavy things in your home and you don’t need to mention that it’s a person.

If they ask for kilograms, just go well over the weight of the person/people you’ll be playing with.


Make sure you have ample storage space.

This can be in the form of chests, decorative boxes, shelves or shelving units, eye hooks, cupboards etc. Look at what you have and where the best places to put them.

Messy dungeons are dangerous and not sexy.


Purple themed BDSM dungeon

Image via Pinterest

When it comes to the smaller things (like floggers, rope, clamps, etc.), stay mindful of your budget. You can fill your kink closet with plenty of goodies from a dollar or hardware store if you need to pinch pennies. If you have money to spare, focus spending your dollars where high-quality items are needed – eg. floggers, sex toys etc.

Get ideas for cheap BDSM equipment here:

 Cheap BDSM Equipment from Dollar, Thrift, and Hardware Stores.


You don’t want long extension cords everywhere. They’re tripping hazards … and ugly. If you have anything that needs to be plugged in (like fucking machines) make sure to put it someplace near an outlet.

It’s even better if the room already has many outlets.

It’s EVEN BETTER if you can find someone to put outlets anywhere you want – but that’s only for people with extra green or extensive know-how.


White, wood, and brick color themed BDSM dungeon

Image via Pinterest

  • If you choose to make something, just be careful it’s made properly (safe is better than pretty).
  • Make sure floors, walls, furniture, and other surfaces are easily cleaned and sanitized.
  • If you’re going to use candles for wax play or just decoration, nearby fabrics should be flame retardant.
  • Battery candles can be convincing enough if you want mood lighting but worry about the fire department showing up.
  • Carpeted floors might not be the best idea, especially if you’re going to be dealing with sweat, drool, and other bodily functions. Area rugs are the go to if you really want something soft under your feet.
  • Wood items should be sanded to avoid splinters.
  • Avoid second-hand sex-specific dungeon items – you don’t know how well they’ve been sterilized or maintained.
  • If your sacred kink-zone is in a basement, mind the possibility of water leaks etc.
  • Like any room in your home, it’s important to keep it safe, warm, comfortable, and CLEAN.

Enjoy! Hit me up in the comments to share YOUR home Dungeon!