Let’s talk about Boot Worship

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You will worship….

Boot worship is the extreme adulation of boots in a BDSM relationship, usually carried out while the footwear is being worn by the Dominatrix.

Boot Worship in a derivative way, in that the adulation may really be attributable to the proximity of the boots to their master/mistress. The foot is usually considered one of the “lowest” and least appreciated parts of the body, and it is a kind of humiliation to be kissing and licking someone’s foot.

In “boot worship”, the humiliation goes one step further. The submissive willingly worships the Domina’s boots, and often without even being asked to. This reverence for the footwear that encloses the Domina’s foot is sometimes an expression of extreme devotion or loyalty, sometimes a concrete admission of inferiority or defeat, and sometimes both. Sometimes, the dominant will choke the submissive by forcefully by placing her booted foot firmly on his throat.. The dominant can also kick the submissive while wearing boots. The dominant can make the slave eat food smashed by her boots, or even the food that sticks to the bottom of boots. Boots are also used by the dominant for ball busting. It may also consist, more passively, of the submissive lying prone and being “trampled” by the dominant partner.

A Domina can also have the submissive lying down in front of them, and then place their boots over the submissive’s mouth, face, or body instead of the floor.

It seems often that boot worship goes hand in hand with a Female Lead Relationship. Post up in the comments and tell me about your earliest memories of having a boot fetish!